Eternix Ltd.


Create a realistic 3D urban environment
by adding high quality textured models to the scene.


Open massive vector shape files within a fraction of a second.
Add annotations and edit your GIS data.


Display geospatial data in NVIDIA 3D Vision
and anaglyph stereo, on-the-fly.


View raster images of any projection, size,
and format, without the need for pre-processing.

Imagery provided by ImageSat

Generate 3D terrain visualization of DEM.
Understand and analyze the topographic features of an area.

DEM provided by Intermap Technologies

Eternix Ltd.

Eternix is an industry leader in geospatial visualization products and solutions. The Blaze series of products provide a comprehensive range of capabilities, from DEM analysis tools to rendering the highest quality of stereoscopic 3D scenes. We provide products and solutions that cater to a diverse range of GIS needs, leading the industry in both speed and user-accessibility. Our products are intuitive and innovative, arming users with a dynamic set of on-the-fly features that maximize the value of top-quality GIS images.

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