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    Visualize and analyze
    3D Scenes
    in real-time without preprocessing
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    Massive Files
    of numerous formats on-the-fly
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    Maintain an
    Updated Catalog
    of your entire GIS data library
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    GIS Data
    across the entire organization

Blaze Terra

The desktop application Blaze Terra offers end-users a comprehensive software package providing a rich set of geospatial capabilities for presenting and analyzing GIS data.

Blaze Hub

The server-based platform Blaze Hub offers organizations a high-performance geospatial data management platform enabling convenient access and distribution of GIS data.

  • Value

Blaze products unlock the maximumal value of GIS data, which may otherwise be inaccessible, by offering extensive processing and analysis tools.

  • Capacity

Blaze products are capable of visualizing and processing numerous data files in parallel. The high performance is maintained for virtually any file size.

  • Efficiency

Blaze’s unique streaming mechanisms enable instant results in real-time, even when heavy geospatial data files are involved.

  • Intuition

While offering a wide range of features and capabilities, Blaze products are designed instinctively, creating a user friendly environment.

  • Versatility

Optional extensions/modules amplify the power of Blaze products, by allowing users various customizations based on their needs.

  • Integration

Blaze products can be used separately or in conjunction with one another allowing to maximize the organization’s potential.

Blaze Terra 5.0

Eternix Ltd. today announced the release of Blaze Terra 5.0, the newest version of its flagship product, now including full-fledged symbolization.

3D Geospatial PDF

After collecting and importing data, GIS experts can compress this information into the final product, the bottom line: a map.


About Eternix

Eternix is an industry leader in geospatial organization & visualization products and solutions. The Blaze series of products provide a comprehensive range of capabilities, from GIS data cataloging, to DEM analysis tools and rendering features enabling the maximization of high quality stereoscopic 3D scenes. Eternix provides products and platforms that cater to a diverse range of GIS needs, leading the industry in both speed and user-accessibility. Our products are intuitive and innovative, arming users and organizations with a dynamic set of on-the-fly features that maximize the value of top-quality GIS data.

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