Blaze Hub

Blaze Hub Overview

Blaze Hub is a high-performance geospatial data management platform that enables organizations to conveniently find, access, process and share geospatial layers. Offering a groundbreaking solution, Blaze Hub serves as a single point of access for an entire geospatial data collection. Blaze Hub utilizes standard interfaces such as REST, JSON, GeoJSON, WKT, WMS, TMS allowing to integrate the platform with 3rd party applications.

Blaze Hub Core Services

Blaze Hub has a strong emphasis on speed and user accessibility, allowing to organize and distribute data to numerous users simultaneously. Being an organization-wide platform the Blaze Hub core services allow users to oversee work-processes as well as manage users in a simple manner.

Blaze Hub Modules

In order to cater to different organizational needs, customers can make up their Blaze Hub’s composition.
In order to broaden the wide range of features and capabilities customers can select a combination of the relevant out of the following modules.


Allows end-users to instantly stream, view and process imagery.


Maintains an up-to-date catalog of the metadata of all geospatial layers.


Execute and monitor long-running processing jobs on cataloged data.


Collaborate by working on projects simultaneously and in real-time.

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