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Blaze Terra Now Supports Multi-Band Imagery

Eternix Ltd. today announced that its newly released version of Blaze Terra, the company’s flagship product, supports visualization and processing of multi-band imagery.

This new capability allows real-time presentation and manipulation of up to thousands of color bands, in high dynamic range (both 8 and 16 bit of colors per channel). Color bands can further be blended and tuned by the end-user to enhance the way various objects appear in an image. The high-performance of Blaze Terra is preserved when working with multi-band images of virtually unlimited size.

This new feature is seamlessly integrated with all existing Blaze Terra capabilities, such as on-the-fly reprojection, draping of imagery on top of elevation model, and stereo visualization.

“Supporting multi-spectral and even hyper-spectral imagery is becoming an essential feature for our professional users,” said Yoav Zobel, VP Software Development. “We expect such imagery to play an increasingly central role in future geospatial systems.”

About Eternix
Eternix Ltd. is a leading software company, developing high-performance visualization products. The company’s products are oriented towards the advanced geo-spatial user, enabling to process, re-project and manipulate files of virtually any size and format, in real-time and without pre-processing. The Blaze family of products includes several applications as well as complementary extensions, delivering outstanding performance and unparalleled user experience. For more information about the company, visit