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Eternix Releases the New Version of Blaze Stereo Extension, Providing High-Resolution Stereo on Affordable Hardware

Eternix Ltd. today announced that it has released the advanced version of Blaze Stereo Extension, which runs on top of Blaze View or Blaze Terra. The enhanced Stereo Extension enables users to experience their geographical data in true stereoscopic view, on-the-fly and without pre-processing.

Blaze Stereo Extension now supports both the hardware-based NVIDIA 3D Vision, and the simple anaglyph stereo. The extension renders a stereoscopic view in real-time, using any geodata, regardless of size or complexity: Terrain elevations, 3D models, extruded shape files, and even user-created symbols and annotations. With a single click, the stereoscopic view is achieved through the use of a sophisticated technique of generating a 3D image, which leaps out of the screen. Unlike other solutions in the market, which require Quadro-based workstations, Blaze Stereo Extension can also run on affordable hardware, and does not demand a professional graphics card.

“The new version of Blaze Stereo Extension brings a whole new dimension to the Blaze visual experience, wiping out the borders between illusion and reality,” said Daniel Zeitlin, CTO. “Delivering high-quality stereoscopic view is paramount to a successful image understanding.”

A video demonstrating the extension is available through this link (anaglyph glasses are advised):

About Eternix
Eternix Ltd. is a leading software company, developing high-performance visualization products. The company’s products are oriented towards the advanced geo-spatial user, enabling to process, re-project and manipulate files of virtually any size and format, in real-time and without pre-processing. The Blaze family of products includes several applications as well as complementary extensions, delivering outstanding performance and unparalleled user experience. For more information about the company, visit