Eternix Ltd.

About Us

Eternix Ltd. is an Israeli GIS software development company focused on providing advanced real-time visualization products and solutions to users across a large range of industries.

Our people take pride in delivering an applications which combine the most powerful geospatial visualization software with the ultimate user experience. We strive to create products and solutions equipped with unique tools to exploit even the most complex geodata, while providing easy-to-use applications that make it all seem simple. We are ambitious, proud of building state-of-the-art geovisualization technology. It is our goal to arm each customer with unparalleled tools to maximize the potential of massive amounts of GIS data. With this objective in mind, we have created the Blaze line of products.

Our technology unlocks the value of high quality geodata, allowing users to fully realize the potential of their data. We offer a variety of off-the-shelf geo-spatial visualization products, delivering state-of-the-art capabilities for real-time processing, analyzing and sharing imagery. Our technology caters to the needs of users over a variety of markets who rely on our uniquely powerful, on-the-fly visualization: We succeed in harnessing the full potential of the GPU by leveraging its power, offloading processing tasks from the CPU.

Our products and solutions promise outstanding performance and seamless display, navigation, and enhancement of any type of geospatial data file of virtually unlimited size. Fueled by our advanced streaming mechanism, Blaze integrates unprecedented power and underlying technology to maximize performance: The product is the most efficient and potent GIS visualization software on the market, which requires no special-purpose hardware. Our dynamic software caters to the demands of customers across a broad range of capabilities, and we offer various expansion add-ons that maximize Blaze’s potential in multiple industries.

Our customers are our inspiration. They are end users, system integrators, application developers, and content providers- and they each demand geovisualization products which keep up with the constant advancements of the GIS industry. They are leaders in various industries, and all rely on the unprecedented technology of Blaze; whether to instantly reproject a multi-terabyte image, run terrain analysis on the fly, or transform a 2D image into a 3D scene. Although designed for experts, our software is dynamic and easy to learn. This way, users on all levels benefit from the high-performance visualization and intuitive experience our software provides.