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Gallery – Videos and Screenshots

The video gallery below exhibits a diverse range of capabilities and features provided by the Blaze family of products.

  1. Rapid opening of raster files and advanced image analysis tools.
  2. On-the-fly display and editing of massive vector files, in 2D and 3D. Any vector dataset can be extruded in real-time.
  3. Large-scale DEM visualization and advanced elevation analysis tools, including viewshed analysis.
  4. Analyzing and navigating through complex 3D models and datasets in their geographical context.
  5. Cataloging countless geospatial files and browsing through them using advanced filters.
  6. Publishing and sharing geospatial scenes in various formats, including 3D Geospatial PDF.

The gallery of screenshots below provides a glimpse into select display and analysis tools provided by the Blaze family of products.

  1. Create path profiles
  2. Annotate over terrain
  3. Viewshed
  4. Terrain shading
  5. Edit vector files
  6. Compare and analyze imagery
  7. Create and view a geospatial catalog
  8. Measure and annotate
  9. Change coordinate systems on-the-fly
  10. Open large vector files
  11. View labeled vector lines
  12. WMS connection