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Eternix to offer Blaze Extrusion Extension, delivering state-of-the-art performance

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tel Aviv, Israel – Eternix Ltd. today announced the launch of a new product. Known for its innovative technology, the company now offers an additional real-time visualization product, Blaze Extrusion Extension.
The new extension, which runs on top of Blaze View or Blaze Terra, enables users to extrude 2D shape files into 3D models, on-the-fly and without pre-processing. As with other products of the Blaze family, this extension exhibits virtually unlimited data handling capabilities.
Blaze Extrusion Extension offers a cost-effective approach to transforming basic GIS data, such as city buildings contours, into a real 3D mesh, including roof textures, without the labor intensive work of expert 3D modeling. This extension augments the company’s already-rich line of extensions, which includes Blaze City (adding the capability of opening immense databases of detailed textured 3D models), Blaze Publisher (enabling exportation of geo-data in various formats, including geo-registered files and video streams), Blaze Video (used to position video streams geographically in a 3D environment), and Blaze Stereo (allowing the use of hardware-based stereoscopic displays). “I am thrilled to enable our clients to create a realistic 3D environment with a click of a button, using their already available 2D vector data,” said Yoav Zobel, VP Software Development. “This extension definitely creates a distinctive user experience and yields exceptional results.”

About Eternix
Eternix Ltd. is a leading software company, developing high-performance visualization products. The company’s products are oriented towards the advanced geo-spatial user, enabling to process, re-project and manipulate files of virtually any size and format, in real-time and without pre-processing. The Blaze family of products includes several applications as well as complementary extensions, delivering outstanding performance and unparalleled user experience. For more information about the company, visit www.eternix.co.il.

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