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Main Features

Blaze Terra Features
AccessInstantly open files of unlimited size (up to terabytes) in a multitude of formats. Connect to OGC web services.
ExploreNavigate smoothly through rasters and vectors. Reproject geodata on-the-fly.
AnnotateAdd, position and save geographic annotations.
AuthorAccurately edit GIS layers in various formats.
AnalyzeAnalyze geodata using advanced tools and image enhancements. Compare images in multiple linkable windows.
BrowseCreate, manage and browse a local catalog of imagery and vector layers.
TerrainInstantly create 3D visualization of terrain without pre-processing. Drape imagery and vectors on DEM in real-time. Add high-quality lighting and shading. Analyze ground profiles and lines-of-sight.
StereoEnables NVIDIA 3D Vision and anaglyph stereoscopic display of geodata.
PublishPrint, publish and share geodata. Produce and convert maps. Record movies and fly-throughs.
CityFly through 3D cities comprising thousands of 3D textured models.
VideoIntegrate, position and process video streams. Add image sequence manipulation capabilities.
ExtrusionExtrude 2D vector shapes into 3D objects, creating urban representations.
Point CloudView and analyze a cloud of points (LIDAR and other sources), composed of an unlimited number of vertices.