Press Releases

Eternix Ltd. annouces the release of Blaze Terra 5.0

Tel Aviv, Israel – August 4th, 2016 – Eternix Ltd. today announced the release of Blaze Terra 5.0, the newest version of its flagship product, now including full-fledged symbolization. Blaze Terra users now enjoy sheer infinite options to define and illustrate differences between feature values, such as height, distance or size, by selecting from a wide choice of range settings and color themes.

Blaze Publisher Extension Turns a Simple 2D Map into a 3D Geospatial PDF

After collecting and importing data, such as imagery or other sensor data and analyzing it, GIS experts then compress this information into the final product, the bottom line: a map. A client or colleague looking at a map created by a GIS expert, is therefore also looking at the end result of long hours of hard work. However, with 2D PDF currently still being the most common document type used to share such maps, the quality of information contained in all the carefully aggregated data, the digitally orthorectified images and shape files, symbology and labels is limited by the document’s two dimensions.

Blaze Terra Demonstrates Advantages in Accessing Acute3D High Resolution City Models

Eternix Ltd., leading provider of next-generation software for GIS visualization and editing in 3D, demonstrates the benefits of accessing popular 3D mapping data, such as that created by Acute3D. Rapid 3D mapping technologies use automatic 3D photogrammetry to create full 3D models of entire cities, outputting heavy, high resolution files, containing an extremely large number of polygons. As opposed to standard visualization tools, Blaze Terra and Blaze City Extension allow users to simply drag and drop such files into the scene, making city models available within a fraction of a second, offering unprecedented viewing quality and comfort, while requiring no software additions.

Blaze Terra Users Enjoy Newest NASA Data in Form of 3D Terrain Web Layer

Eternix Ltd., leading provider of next-generation software for GIS visualization and editing in 3D, announces the addition of a new 30-meter global digital-terrain web layer to Blaze Terra’s collection of instantly accessible web layers, available as of version 4.1 of the software. The new web layer, derived from NASA’s Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM), depicts nearly the entire surface of the earth in 3D with impressive 30-meter posting and comes to improve SRTM’s previous terrain data with merely 90-meter posting.

Blaze Terra Extension to Enable Customers to Access WAMI

Eternix Ltd., leading provider of next-generation software for GIS visualization and editing in 3D, releases its first WAMI extension, enabling Blaze Terra users to access WAMI data through cloud-based services. WAMI stands for Wide Area Motion Imagery and is an advanced sensor-based technology, delivering board stretches of video-like footage. WAMI has been gaining popularity since its adoption by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OCG).

Eternix Ltd. to Release New Version of Blaze Terra Geo-Visualization and Editing Software

Eternix Ltd., leading provider of next-generation geospatial software, announced today the release of Blaze Terra 4.0, the company’s flagship product. The new version includes advanced geospatial browsing and search tools and a full range of new sharing and presentation options. All features were developed in line with the company’s mission to create an effortless geospatial workflow, while enabling maximum use of geospatial information.

Blaze Terra Now Supports Multi-Band Imagery

Eternix Ltd. today announced that its newly released version of Blaze Terra, the company’s flagship product, supports visualization and processing of multi-band imagery. This new capability allows real-time presentation and manipulation of up to thousands of color bands, in high dynamic range (both 8 and 16 bit of colors per channel). Color bands can further be blended and tuned by the end-user to enhance the way various objects appear in an image. The high-performance of Blaze Terra is preserved when working with multi-band images of virtually unlimited size.

Eternix Launches Blaze Point Cloud Extension

Eternix today announced the release of its newest product, Blaze Point Cloud Extension, which runs on top of the high-end visualization applications Blaze View and Blaze Terra. Blaze Point Cloud Extension enables GIS professionals to view a nearly unlimited number of points acquired by LIDAR and other sources, in real-time and without pre-processing. Point clouds from various sources can be instantly and seamlessly integrated into a single 3D GIS environment, on top of any geospatial data (raster, vector, terrain), and can further be reprojected and manipulated on-the-fly. In a fashion consistent with the Blaze family of products, comprehensive usage of the GPU and advanced streaming and filtering mechanisms deliver unmatched performance and viewing customizability.

Eternix Releases the New Version of Blaze Stereo Extension

Eternix Ltd. today announced that it has released the advanced version of Blaze Stereo Extension, which runs on top of Blaze View or Blaze Terra. The enhanced Stereo Extension enables users to experience their geographical data in true stereoscopic view, on-the-fly and without pre-processing. Blaze Stereo Extension now supports both the hardware-based NVIDIA 3D Vision, and the simple anaglyph stereo. The extension renders a stereoscopic view in real-time, using any geodata, regardless of size or complexity: Terrain elevations, 3D models, extruded shape files, and even user-created symbols and annotations. With a single click, the stereoscopic view is achieved through the use of a sophisticated technique of generating a 3D image, which leaps out of the screen. Unlike other solutions in the market, which require Quadro-based workstations, Blaze Stereo Extension can also run on affordable hardware, and does not demand a professional graphics card.

Eternix to Offer Blaze Extrusion Extension

Eternix Ltd. today announced the launch of a new product. Known for its innovative technology, the company now offers an additional real-time visualization product, Blaze Extrusion Extension. The new extension, which runs on top of Blaze View or Blaze Terra, enables users to extrude 2D shape files into 3D models, on-the-fly and without pre-processing. As with other products of the Blaze family, this extension exhibits virtually unlimited data handling capabilities.

Eternix to Introduce Its New Product Portfolio at Intergeo 2010

Eternix announced today that it will introduce its new portfolio of products at the upcoming Intergeo 2010, taking place next October in Cologne, Germany (Booth 2A.111). In recent years Eternix has become recognized as an industry leader, thanks to its revolutionary technology, enabling the visualization of geospatial imagery files of virtually any size and type. The new product portfolio encompasses a selection of core applications and several extensions, all of which offer state-of-the-art functionality and excellent performance.