Eternix Ltd.


In addition to off the shelf products, Eternix engages in developing visual computing solutions. Based on an innovative software infrastructure, our technology provides a powerful development environment and API for building advanced visualization applications. Our developers exploit the power of our internal framework to create high-performance visualization programs, incorporating imagery from different sources and allowing end-users to efficiently analyze and manipulate geodata.

Our internal framework consists of interconnected modular .NET libraries, 100% safe managed code written in C#. It is a complete, fully supported, and extensively documented development environment, including a directory of functioning sample code covering a wealth of programming tasks. Just as the .NET framework is used to building applications, our infrastructure lends itself to writing code in a similar fashion. Our unique technology rests on the two following technological pillars:

  • Leveraging the GPU:
    Our software infrastructure actively exploits the power of the GPU to speed up real-time applications, harnessing the full potential of the graphics processing unit (GPU) to offload processing tasks from the central processing unit (CPU)
  • Advanced streaming mechanism:
    Effective image handling calls for an elaborated manipulation of image tiles. Our advanced streaming mechanism localizes image data on storage media and makes processing extremely efficient

These principles lie at the heart of all our solutions, allowing the utilization of standard and low-end hardware for advanced visualization and making them ideal for performance demanding tasks. Solutions based on our technology can be embedded as a visual component within .NET applications, relieving programmers from having to deal with low-level implementations. Simple interfaces enable an easy integration with other development environments (such as Java, C++ and Visual Basic) and software components (including COM interoperability). The thread-safe implementation enables efficient multi-core utilization in multi-threaded applications.

By automating time consuming tasks, this powerful engine shortens development cycles, reducing the overall project complexity, and consequently cutting the time-to-market and production costs.

A flexible architecture and adoption of common standards fortify the infrastructure, creating an ideal foundation for developing new tailor-made applications.