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Top 10 reasons to use Blaze Terra

1. Value

The value of GIS imagery is only as good as its visualization software. Using technology unrivaled in power, Blaze Terra unlocks the maximum value of top-quality GIS imagery which is otherwise inaccessible.

6. Dimension

By cutting out inefficient preprocessing, Blaze brings 3D generation and visualization to a new dimension. In real-time, users can instantly drape any type of raster, 2D, and vector imagery over DEM (Digital Elevation Model) and extrude 2D vector shapes into 3D terrain and objects.

2. Leveraging GPU

By exploiting the potential of the GPU, Blaze Terra allows for seamless display, navigation, and enhancement of any type of geospatial data file of virtually unlimited size.

7. Fluidity

With Blaze Terra, users can create and smoothly navigate between raster and vector layers in any format, running terrain analysis on-the-fly.

3. Efficiency

Blaze Terra’s unique streaming mechanism removes the need for preprocessing, instantly displaying and navigating even heavy geospatial data in real-time.

8. Intuition

Blaze Terra was designed as an easy-to-master tool for exploiting the potential of the software and their images in an intuitive, self-explanatory manner. Blaze is the most user-friendly geospatial visualization software on the market, and requires no special-purpose hardware.

4. Speed

Only Blaze can instantly reproject massive files of geodata on the fly between thousands of EPSG coordinate systems and datums, a task that normally takes hours due to preprocessing.

9. Integration

Blaze Terra uniquely fuses various data sources to project point clouds, video, 2D, 3D, vector, and raster images all in a single scene, as opposed to requiring separate applications and windows.

5. Capacity

Instantly open files of virtually unlimited size (terabytes) at unprecedented speed.

10. Versatility

Optional extensions amplify the power of Blaze, allowing users to customize the software to fit their exact needs.